About Us…

We aren’t satisfied with business-as-usual distribution of credit opportunities because we’ve been on the inside and seen countless ways to make you rich. That’s why PãyZero® Inc. is leading the way to more transparent, fair, accessible, and friendly credit solutions for all (it also feels great to help people save money)

In 1994, the founder Karriem Ali wanted to show hard-working American households a better way of budgeting, paying bills and managing debt.  One that when used, would generate instant savings for the household of an additional 10% per month on total out of pocket for everyday household bills and expenses. It was not until 2018 did the technology become available for us to help individual households on a user interface platform. PāyZero® Inc. was formed and Bill-PayPro™ was born.

Today, PayZero™ Inc. is a FinTech with a focus on Daily Money Management. Our main service is Non-Deposit Bill Pay Services through our licensed, bonded and FDIC® insured banking partners. The data we collect as Daily Money Managers gives us the capacity to function as a Center for Financial Freedom, a Credit Agency providing consumer advocacy, credit decisioning, and loan term recommendations stemming from a BPP Score™.

We are able to provide a 10% monthly discount on household expenses because of the margin generated when our clients deposit their bill money with our company. We use that margin to lower the out-of-pocket cost relating to the upcoming month’s bills. From there, we are able to calculate credit risks for our partner banks that extend credit to our clients.

Our feature service is the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay System:

While you do a great job paying your bills, having a Bill-PayPro™ Account has its privileges. When you begin depositing money into your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly expenses, not only are we paying your bills based on your budget, but our business model affords our company a subsidy that we can share with you in the form of a dividend for you giving us the opportunity to pay household bills and expenses on your behalf.  That means, after a 90-day probationary period, you will only be asked to deposit 90% of the amount needed to cover your monthly expenses into Bill-PayPro™ Account. (between $350 – $2,000) on top of what you are already saving.

Should you need Credit Assistance, your BPP Score™ can be used to secure an unsecured Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Cards, Auto and Mortgage loans from our partner banking institutions.  They will provide you credit at the limits, and rates we suggest to them.  At that point, your dividend payment would be applied to any monthly debt you establish at pāyZero® Inc.  That is why we chose the name PāyZero®

Remember, this is A Beta Test:  No matter how much you try to lower shrink, or adjust your budget, our system is still going to pay 100% of the expenses you ask us to pay and save you between $350 – $2,000 each month you use our services. So actually, the higher your budget, the bigger your dividend check. www.bill-paypro.com

100+ New Users Added/Month

Over 510,000 in new Bills Paid monthly.

4.9 Star Customer Rating