PāyZero® Weekly Contribution Calculator

Please enter your total monthly expenses for your household.  Include streaming services, insurance, internet, rent, mortgage, travel. utilities, vehicle gasoline, dinner out, lunch out, the gardener, your mother-in-law, adult children, clothes shopping. etc.  Include as much as your reality calls for.

LaRiba Outreach, a non-Profit Organization is here to help contribute to your cost of living for the next 5 years. The first 3 years, simply allow PayZero® Inc. to pay of your monthly household expenses and lifestyle, and LaRiba will contribute to your cause all the way to 50% of your monthly expenses. (See last column). LaRiba will then continue to contribute for 2 additional years for a total of 5.

It is our goal to place all Bill-PayPro™ clients on the path towards Financial Freedom.  We describe financial freedom as having enough passive income to cover your household budget.

With that said, each month you are a Bill-PayPro™ client, because of contributions from LaRiba Outreach, we require less and less money from you to handle the costs of your monthly household budget.  The idea is for you to get on Bill-PayPro™ and Invest the Difference.

Please let us know if you have an active investment vehicle you would like us to contribute your difference towards.

If you do not have a place to invest your difference, we can surely help you get started with Automated trading tools we have been using since 2012.  Tested Tried, and True to deliver safe and secure results.  If you would like to use the automated trading tools we currently use and recommend for beginners;

  • you will need to open a TD Ameritrade (Now Charles Schwab), or TradeStation For the Automated Stock Trader.
  • you will need to open an account at Coinbase, or Kraken for the Cryptocurrency Trader.

Both automated traders have a $100/mo. fee related to them that has already been factored into your weekly deposit for bill pay.

Accumulate daily profits automatically with autonomous robotic trading.


  • Need only email to sign up
  • No software to download
  • No trading fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No brokerage account or funds needed to paper trade
  • No Trading Fees Through TD Ameritrade
  • No Trading Fees Through TradeStation



The chart below illustrates how after 90 days, we begin depositing money to your investments while your system earns 4%/mo.

Expense Calculator

Month Your Monthly Expenses Contribution from You Contribution from LaRiba Outreach Invest the Difference at 4%/Month