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Once you fill in the section, click the Green “Add New Expense” button until you have named everything you pay for the month.  Our system is going to bill you weekly at a 4 to 10% discount and pay 100% of your bills.

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  • The kind of expense
  • Billing Address if available
  • Account number, if applicable
  • Due dates, and amounts.

Some bills are drafted from your debit card or checking account.  We need to know the debit card and/or checking account you would like to pay those types of bills from so we can place the money into those accounts in advance.  ie, life insurance, health insurance, streaming companies, cable/internet bills.

By law, we are not allowed to use this system for back taxes.

For rent payments, some companies prefer a money order, while others allow you to pay online.  Our system will mail a check, but if you are concerned about a late payment, our system is designed to pay your rent money into any account you like so you can pay your landlord.

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